Ikoria, First Glance

by Max Nelson on April 2, 2020

Ikoria, First Glance

So Ikoria spoilers featured an untimely release yesterday, April 1st, but even without this inopportune timing the cards themselves maintain a dubious air -here’s what I hate so far:

Otrimi, the Ever-Playful

“They mutate into the creature on top plus all abilities from under it” is absolutely terrible grammar, like it’s objectively incorrect, here are just a few reasons why:
• Missing a conjunction between ‘plus’ and ‘all’.
• Begins the sentence with a pronoun (they), which is frowned upon.
Also, it is unclear who ‘they’ is referring to, -if the card is placed underneath the non-human creature, then ‘they’ did not mutate at all and are just gaining an ability. This card’s rules text is more of a nightmare beast than the creature.

Vivien, Monsters' Advocate

All previous sets have been flavored by their cohesive and unique art styles, it’s one of the things MTG does best. But now apparently we’re just grabbing Anime fantasy art off of DeviantArt, slapping some rules text over them and calling them a card? This set is a mess.

Kathril, Aspect Warper

A ‘flying counter’ -are we just supposed to assume that this gives the creature flying? This is completely counter (forgive the pun) to the functionality of all counters in the past, do poison counters now give infect? The rules of Magic are heavily reliant on the specific wording and grammar featured on the cards, making up random mechanics that don’t apply to previous functionalities is a good way to break the game.

Alas, I am sure that many of the sentiments expressed above are premature overreactions to what are probably reasonable mechanics that I’ll learn to live with (perhaps even…love?) over time, and that I am guilty of the ‘Magic: The Gathering Is Dead…Again‘ mentality, but that is my unstudied take on the cards I’ve seen thus far, and has been a good way to release some of my pent up quarantine energy this morning. Be safe. Happy slanging.