by Max Nelson on October 28, 2014

Ernest Hemmingway stepped into the foyer where Gucci Mane was standing inconspicuously by the door, clutching a large goblet of some foreign concoction and peering sideways at the living room. Ernest smiled cordially and extended his hand to Gucci Mane in salutations. Gucci eyed the hand as he would an unappetizing meal. Languidly, he extended his hand in accord and the two men shook. “ I never knew you were a friend of Max” Ernest Hemmngway spoke. “Mothafucka owes me $500 dollar.” croaked Gucci Mane. “A most grievous debt” Ernest gasped, Valuing the sum of the currency for that of his own pre-inflated times. “I should imagine he will pay you in good time” he acquiesced “After all, if his manor is any testament to his means, I daresay he could afford it”, He gestured forward to the banquet hall, which stood directly forth from the foyer within which they were huddling, it was indeed an impressive sight. The room was a vast expanse, with the walls curving up towards the top to meet the impossibly high ceiling. These arches were ridged with ornate gold floral patterns, though they never seemed to repeat. The ceiling was dotted with viewports which were black as the night outside. Dangling from the ceiling were chains, and in the center, a fine chandelier of gold and crystal, the room was lit brightly. Gucci Mane had taken out a blunt and was sparking it purposefully as Hemmingway admired the décor. “Yeaah it’s aiight” he said, his voice betraying some modicum of enthusiasm this time. “I’m bout to get me one of those” he continued, gesturing toward the chandelier. Hemmingway smiled “A fine selection, I daresay their may not exist any others like it, but perhaps Max might be willing to part with it in payment of his debt”. Gucci eyed him bemusedly. “I think I ought to head in and greet our host” he was beginning to feel noxious from the fumes of Gucci Mane’s foreign cigar. “ I will see you inside, I expect?” The smoke billowed out, masking Gucci’s subtle nod of assent. Hemmingway took this for sufficient excuse, and let out into the wide embrace of the main banquet hall. Ahead and towards the left there was a wide staircase carpeted in red which a group of guests were sitting, sprawling, and rolling down, giggling, thoroughly enjoying the shallowness of the staircase. At the top, the staircase fanned out to either side, creating a balcony which lined the hall, along which scattered pairs of guests stood talking.